The Duck Tour Seattle and the Success of the Allies

The Duck Tour Seattle or Duck as it was referred to after making a debut in the global arena at the height of WW2 is a unique piece of transportation with a long history to boot. It was a superb and tough amphibious made with tough terrain and shifting ocean waters in mind. The Duck was highly used in the performance of yeoman services highly needed right from 1942 in delivering of troops, emergency supplies and also wounded soldiers evacuation. After the amphibious engaged in its first battle exploits, a lot of naval officers were sure if the Duck was not there the assault of Sicily, where the Duck first made its mark, would have been a failure.

As you enjoy yourself in Duck Tour Seattle while listening to the wit, comedy and jokes from the Coast Guard certified captain, it is important to know the amphibious craft you are enjoying its ride has a long story in the US Army exploits and is a well respected war time innovation. In fact, in 1943, the September nine Salerno invasion had an estimate of 400 ducks being needed if the invasion was to be a success. However, from September nine to the first of October, 150 ducks and about 90 aircrafts were able to move 120,000 tons worth of supplies, 30,000 vehicles and 190,000 troops across Salerno’s invaded beaches. Around three weeks lapsed before the Allied troops captured the Naples port.

In Naples port, 600 ducks were assembled, allowing 3,500 tons unloading of supplies by the Allies on a daily basis. This is what helped the Allies to move around 3 million tons of supplies out of more than 15 million of all supplies unloaded in Europe by the Allies in the entire period of the war.

This is the reason why next time you ride the Duck Tour Seattle, whether on road or water, remember the duck is a success story that helped win the second big war and the most superb way to know what Seattle looks like.

Seeing Seattle via the Duck Tour Seattle

The Duck Tour Seattle is a great way of seeing Seattle whether as a tourist or as a family living around the city, by water and land. There is always a hilarious and knowledgeable captain ready to entertain with historical facts, comedy, jokes and such entertainment. The tour is so elaborate you will see places and landmarks apart from the Pike Place Market and Space Needle.

Also, the ride offers one a chance of cruising across Lake Union and looking at the Seattle skyline to be awestruck by the most breathtaking view there is. If you have a family, the Duck Tour Seattle will bring satisfying moments and memorable events as you get entertained. In fact, you are able to depart conveniently from any area in the heart of downtown Seattle. The amphibious landing craft will weave you across the city in 90 minutes as you come to the conclusion that it is definitely the best way to have fun and explore Seattle. In Seattle, the duck tour is at the top of what you must do while in the city.

As you join Duck Tour Seattle, you should know it is a fun way for all types of travelers across the board to enjoy. This is because the sea captains are certified by the Coast Guard and transform the moments spent cruising the area with fun, funky music, folklore and local history. As the tour takes shape, such landmarks as Pioneer Square, Qwest Field, Safeco Field and Seattle Waterfront are seen and their stunning views enjoyed. As you sample the skyline described as breathtaking, splashing fully in Lake Union will be inevitable as you pass through within the Seattle houseboat. What you will definitely agree with after Duck Tour Seattle is that while the amphibian is not as fast as a speed boat, she is the best compared to a truck and able to win against any type of boat on road.

Cool History of the Duck Tour Seattle

Right from what you see, the first thing that hits your eyes is the fact that Duck Tour Seattle is not your usual duck, boat or car, whether on the road or water. The DUKWs commonly known as ‘Ducks’ were amphibious types of landing craft made in World War Two by the US Army.

The craft was harnessed for the delivery of different types of cargo from various ships while on the sea and take them to the shore.  Built at the height of the second big war in 1942, the duck was harnessed with a unique hull pump able to transmit 260 water gallons in about a minute. Also, the creation was also equipped with a unique hand pump able to have 50 gallons of water moved in just a minute. The amphibious craft had the ability to climb 60 percent upon an object while approaching an obstacle that was even 18 inches or higher. The craft was able to cover 220 miles while riding along the road and fifty miles while floating in water. It was able to hold about 25 troops fully equipped with all their gear, as well as 5350lbs loads of cargo.

The amphibious invasion across the Atlantic into Europe came after German attacked both Britain and other Low Countries such as France and Denmark, where USA realized that landing crafts in their thousands were needed as well as transportation of ships and cargos in their hundreds.

The ancestor of the modern Duck Tour Seattle was made in a way that maneuvering was its maiden name and was able to fight its way across huge breakers and shifting oceans followed by moving into soft sand devoid of any lose of traction. To avoid flooding a driver, windshield types of surf boards were incorporated.

The Duck first made its mark in battle in World War Two during the Sicily assault.